Developmental Therapy for Children

About the Program

Developmental Therapy services for childrenOur program exists to help your child attain their full potential in areas such as language/communication, learning, self-help skills, mobility, and self-direction. We also provide family education and training to help maximize the effectiveness of your child’s treatment and give you the tools you need to help manage any maladaptive behaviors at home.

Our Lead Habilitative Interventionist will create and implement program plans that are specific to your child’s needs and that target the goals on your child’s IEP or ISP. These goals are targeted both formally through Evidence Based Treatment and careful data collection, as well as informally throughout the center to ensure that your child is generalizing skills to different environments.

About the Center

We provide services to children ages 3-17 and our area is comprised of four rooms:

  1. Traditional Preschool Classroom: We’ve got cars, blocks, and other open ended activities as well as puzzles, shape sorters and close ended activities. Other areas include Pretend Play, Dress-Up Circle Time, Interactive Games, Books and Fun Table Activities. Children learn through purposeful play facilitated by trained staff.
  2. Indoor Play Room: Our “kid gym” provides children with a chance to be active throughout the chilly winter months and features a trampoline, exercise ball for bouncing, a giant beanbag for “crashing”, foam mats for tumbling and several other items for the ever popular obstacle course!
  3. 1:1 Teaching Room: This is a quiet room with minimal distractions designed to help children learn and master new skills during individual Habilitative Intervention time.
  4. After School Study Room: This is a room for older children which provides an environment conducive to working on staying on task, self-direction, learning, and social skills.

Services and Hours

Tomorrow’s Hope is a Licensed DDA with over 23 years of experience. The Children’s Program meets all the new requirements of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Children’s Redesign.

We are open Monday through Friday 8:30-6:00 and are flexible in terms of working with your specific schedule and needs.

We offer a Day program from 8:30-3:00 to serve children of preschool age as well as an after school program from 3:00-6:00  to serve children in kindergarten through high school (although we can serve preschoolers during those hours as well).

Our Children’s Services include:

  • Respite
  • Habilitative Supports
  • Habilitative Intervention
  • Family Education
  • Family Training

Click on the following link for detailed descriptions of these services:

For more information contact the Program Manager using our web form or by calling 208-319-0760.